Advice About Visiting A Court Ordered Drug Testing Clinic

Before you head out to a court ordered drug testing clinic, you probably have questions. Will you pass the test by not having anything in your system? Are you not sure about what you did in the past and want to know if you’re still dirty?

If you have a chance at getting tested at any time due to probation or anything of that nature, you have to just stay clean and stay away from people that use drugs. Even if you end up at a concert and breathe in a lot of marijuana smoke the day before your test, it could cause them to think you got high. Keep away from anything illegal as best you can or what they won’t let you have in your system even if it means staying home most days. It’s better than jail!

Have you taken any prescribed medications that may show up as other drugs in the test? When they ask you if you took anything, be truthful. From supplements to pills you got from a dentist or anyone else, show them if you can the bottles or any proof that you are supposed to have these medications. If you are taking drugs legally, you probably will be fine, but if they find out you bought them on the street because you have no prescription you are in for trouble.

Did you know that some foods trigger drug tests? The good news is that most of the time, you can just tell them you ate a poppy seed bagel or something else that cause you to have a failed test. If anything, try to avoid anything that has any way to trigger the test, but also be honest about what you ate or took that day that could be making it positive for you. If you do get the test to trigger for illegal drugs, then tell them you want it to be further tested if you really were sober.

There are cases where you make mistakes or something happens that you have no control over and then you get drugs in your system. The best way to deal with this is to take nothing else and try to clean your system out. Marijuana is probably the hardest drug to get out of your system fast, but something like alcohol can just take a day or two at the most if it’s a urinalysis or blood test. Look up how long these things take to get out of your system and don’t try to sneak anything into the test because that causes a lot more trouble than it’s worth.

A court ordered drug testing clinic is going to be a place where you have to take things seriously. Don’t try to cheat tests, and if something goes wrong then have them test further. The best course of action is to not take anything you shouldn’t, but if you did then learn more about finding a way to get it out of your system fast.