Drug Testing Clinics

Drug testing clinics understand the need for their facilities. They all offer comprehensive services in a confidential and professional manner. Whether for employment reasons or to assist law enforcement, or to assist treatment programs, these clinics have a major impact on many people’s lives.

Depending upon the facility, appointments may not be made more than two hours prior to testing. This is to ensure that the patient doesn’t have the time to “clean their system” prior to the testing.

Urine testing is the most common form of drug testing that is done. The reason for this is that a urine drug test will give reliable results for a vast array of drugs in the system.

These results include prescription drugs as well as illegal drugs that may be in the system. The urine test can also show the level of drugs that were taken.

Some companies also use a blood test that can also reveal the level of drugs in the system. Another method is to collect hair samples from the patient as well.

The drugs will stay in the hair for up to six months depending upon the specific drugs ingested. Hair will be clipped very close to the scalp in order to test the drugs that are in the system.

If ever you find a positive result for a drug test and drugs have not been taken, immediately request a GC-MS test. This can help to screen out the specific reasons and potential fallacies of such tests. Although rare, it may occasionally have a false positive.

Drug testing may be ordered by doctors, potential employers, employers, law enforcement, rehabilitation centers, and other places of business that may require a drug test prior to either a conviction or hiring for employment.

Some drug testing centers have set-ups that allow for home testing as well. This is ideal if there are concerns about a teen that is living at home and perhaps into drugs.

To take a urine test, the person will be given a specimen cup and told to leave all of their belongings in another room. They will then put on a hospital gown and be taken to a room to give the specimen. Depending on the situation, a doctor or nurse may accompany the patient into the room where the specimen is collected.

This is to ensure that the patient isn’t doing anything that would skew the results of the drug test. The patient will be told to clean their genitals with a pre-moistened cloth as directed by the tech.

Midstream in the urine the specimen cup will be placed under the stream to collect it. The drug test will then be moved to the lab where the urine will be tested.

Depending on the clinic, the drugs may be tested up to the ng/ml in the urine or simply a “yes drugs are being used, or no drugs are not being used”.

Results will then be given to the person or group that had the patient tested by the clinic.