What You Should Know About Drug Testing Clinic Options

A drug testing clinic can help you to see if people you wish to employ are using various substances that are illegal. When people use drugs, they tend not to be able to work safely. Get to know how to work with a clinic and what to look out for by reading more here.

Drugs are a fact of life in this day and age. Everyone from all walks of life either uses them or know someone that has. That is why testing is so important because you don’t want people working for you that are on drugs and likely to cause you problems. Some drugs are worse than others, and it’s up to you who you’ll allow to work for you. Even if you think you have a good eye for drug users, you’ll be surprised when you get test results because a user could be completely normal looking.

False positives are something you need to ask the clinic about so you don’t pass on people that have done anything they are allowed to. One thing that can trigger a positive test result for heroin is if someone eats poppy seeds before a test. These contain trace amounts of opiates because they are from the same plant that heroin comes from. The clinic or you need to have a few screening questions, so something like this isn’t an issue. Also, remember that some prescription medications are going to trigger tests, and that’s why you have to have a list of what someone is taking before you trust that the results show they are a drug abuser.

A clinic is going to have a variety of tests to choose from, so make sure you are aware of what each kind is for. You should go with a general test that helps you see if someone has done the main drug types for employment purposes. If someone was said to have been on a particular drug, then you could test for that in addition to others. There are also ways to test people that help you to see more recent use like a saliva test if you don’t want to bust people for something they did on a weekend.

As soon as there is an accident that someone tries to blame on the work environment, you want to get them tested for drugs and alcohol right away. If you can prove that they were under the influence when they had an accident, then it’s a lot easier for you to prove that it was their fault and not something that was caused by you or the building. It’s also a good idea to send people in for a test that is checked by multiple parties if this is a situation where you want to be very sure the person was using drugs or alcohol when they should have been.

Before you trust in a drug testing clinic, you should make sure you put the advice you were given here to good use. You don’t want people to have false positives because that could substantially damage their lives. Having a good clinic to turn to can lessen accidents and keep everyone more secure.