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A Turning Point provides a safe and friendly environment to promote a healthy recovery. Offering a wide variety of services including court ordered level 2 DUI classes. A Turning Point strives in the success of our clients.
Random drug testing can seem overwhelming and stressful. The court will allow you to select a drug testing center, and you will be told how frequently and for what duration of time you must endure this hassle. For example, you might have 1 drug test a week for 6 months, but you don’t know which day it will be. It is entirely up to the court system how often your testing will be, but be prepared for it. Chances are you will at least need to submit to testing from your first appearance in court until you are actually sentenced.
The first time you report for testing, you will need to bring your court paperwork with you to the testing center to enroll. Be prepared to pay for your testing every time you are required to test, and be aware many testing centers are cash-only. Once you are enrolled you’ll be assigned to a group (called a “color” or “identifier” by many centers). The idea is simple: Every day the testing center will announce a set of groups that need to come in for testing, and if your group is called you are required to show up. Failing to attend a random drug test has serious consequences.
If you have been accused of taking illegal drugs, and you are put on some type of probation, you cannot violate this by being tested positive for drugs, a problem that can send you to jail. Many people that are on this type of probation are actually arrested for possession of drugs, or have tested positive for those drugs in their system. Instead of keeping them in jail cells, which are in high demand for much more important convictions, they will put someone on probation to give them a chance.
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